Antici… pation (July 2013)

July titles we think sound fascinating!

Title: Ink (The Paper Gods #1)

Author: Amanda Sun

Publisher & Release Date: Harlequin Teen, July 1.

The Hook: After her mother dies, Katie moves to Japan to live with her aunt. She feels lost, alone. Then one day she notices Tomohiro, kendo team star, drawing, and his drawings come to life. Not in a Disney kind of way.

Title: The Arrivals

Author: Melissa Marr

Publisher & Release Date: William Morrow, July 2

The Hook: People snatched from throughout history who awake to find themselves in the Wasteland, where they may or may not stay dead when they die. They can try and make order in this place of monsters and corruption or they can seek power.

Title: The Best of Connie Willis: Award-Winning Stories

Author: Connie Willis (oddly enough)

Publisher & Release Date: Del Ray, July 9

The Hook: Um, it’s Connie Willis? If you have read Doomsday Book, what more do you need to know? And if you haven’t, go read it! And then read all her other amazing books and short stories about time-traveling historians, alternate histories and possible futures.

Title: Magic Rises (aka “New Kate Daniels!)

Author: Ilona Andrews

Publisher & Release Date: Ace, July 30

The Hook: The next book in one of Julie’s favorite series! Kate and Curran have an opportunity to get medicine needed to help the Pack children survive to adulthood. They know it’s a trap, but they have to try.

Title: 45 Pounds (More or Less)

Author: K.A. Barson

Publisher & Release Date: Viking Juvenile, July 11th

The Hook: I’m a sucker for books with spunky heroines who learn to love themselves just the way they are, and this sounds like a delightful variation on a story that never gets old.

Cover art for Ink  Cover art for The Arrivals         Cover art for The Best of Connie Willis        Cover of Magic Rises         45 pounds




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