Antici… pation (June 2013)

A few titles coming out this month that we can’t wait to get our hands on:

Title: Oathbreaker’s Shadow

Author: Amy McCullogh

Publisher & Release Date: June 2013 (Canadian/UK release only)

The Hook: In a world where promises are symbolized by knotted string and breaking an oath casts you out of society, Raim doesn’t know what promise the knot around his wrist symbolizes. He only knows when he breaks it.

Title: Seige and Storm (Grsisha Trilogy #2)

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Publisher & Release Date: Henry Holt, June 2013

The Hook: The first book, Shadow and Bone, was amazing and gorgeous. Yes please for number two!

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Author: Neil Gaiman

Publisher & Release Date: William Morrow, June 2013

The Hook: Gaiman’s adult works such as Anasi Boys are highly allusionary and dark tales, beautifully told.

Title: The Apprentices

Author: Maile Meloy

Publisher & Release Date: Putnam Juvenile, June 2013

The Hook: This is the sequel to Meloy’s beautiful, bittersweet middle-grade debut, The Apothecary.  The first book wrapped up nicely enough that it didn’t absolutely scream for a sequel, but I’m glad that she wrote one.

Cover for The Oathbreaker's Shadow    Cover of Siege and Storm     Cover of The Ocean at the End of the Lane    apprentices


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